Triple-R Engineering Teams up with Tecno-Supply

Triple-R Engineering has teamed up with Tecno-Supply a Division of IBIX to supply the New Zealand market with their fantastic Thermoplastic Flame Spray equipment and the support & service network available to New Zealand customers.   

Metal Spraying Power Station Shaft

Duration: 1:16 seconds



Captain Mark leads by example

Climbing out of large roller that required servicing, one of 12.
No birthing jokes please

Duration: 0:16 seconds


Metal Spraying in Turbine Housing


Duration: 0:36 seconds



Metal Spraying with Robot

We are using our robotic machine to metal spray small areas of a grill.

Duration: 00:48 seconds

Limited Butler Machining 13 1/2" Screw

Our butler machine is capable of machining large items - 13 1/2" screw is being machined ready for welding process.

Duration: 00:49 seconds

Metal Spray Robot

Metal Spraying Drum.

Duration: 00:32 seconds