Our history and experience


At Triple R we assist engineering and industrial process operators to operate brilliantly - by providing sustainable, locally sourced repair, reconditioning and custom manufacturing services.

Triple R Engineering was established in 1981 and commenced business to provide services to the wood and pulp industry. Over the years the company grew - diversifying to cater to a broad spectrum of heavy industrial and engineering customers. The three Rs were originally Repair, Rework, Rebuild and this service philosophy is still central to much of our activity. 

In February 2010 the company was sold to a small group of staff members and became Triple R Engineering 2010 Limited. The new company continues to provide a full engineering service and metal spray facility to customers.


Triple R Engineering 2010 Limited now employs around 20 staff - many longstanding. The team offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in both general engineering and in our clients' facilities, equipment and needs. We continue to employ and train apprentices so our experience and knowledge is passed on - ensuring continuity for our customers.


Triple R Engineering 2010 Limited ensures that we provide a competitively priced, high standard of quality work by using up to date services, systems and support. We pride ourselves on achieving quick turnaround times (in many cases same day) helping to save downtime for our clients and avoiding waiting for new or replacement parts.


  • Minimised expense on replacement parts
  • Work components restored to their original specification and condition
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Fast, professional service and delivery
  • Reduced machinery downtime