Changing the way we work - meeting the demands of the modern workplace

Over the past six to eight months, Triple R has taken great steps to ensure that it meets the requirements of the industries that we serve, both in skills and getting ourselves up to speed with the new Health and Safety Act. This resulted in us being assessed and receiving a Prequal certificate for on-site work. We are thrilled with this achievement and believe that this has stood us in good stead in getting the confidence of our customers and has resulted in Triple R Engineering being made a preferred supplier for a number of our clients.

Regardless of regulation and legislation, Health & Safety management is essential in an operation which uses and repairs lots of extremely dangerous machinery and power tools. Our commitment is to do everything reasonably possible to ensure all our staff go home as healthy and unharmed as they were when they arrived at the start of their day.

We put a lot of emphasis on practical safety in the workshop - effective guarding, floor marking and safe work procedures. Our safety records are maintained using the online Peoplesafe system ( which fully integrates the management and reporting of incidents, hazards, equipment and training.

Our records and safety systems are independently audited by Impac through their Prequal system  and we are audited every two years.




Annual Shuts at OJI Kinleith

Due to our hard work in achieving Prequal Certification as mentioned above, Triple R Engineering has become a preferred supplier for OJI. As a consequence of this, in June we attended the Kinleith shut in Tokoroa. We took a team of Triple R Engineering staff went up to and were based in scenic Mangakino, not that there was time to admire the scenery with the long hours that were worked. Even driving to and from the Mill was in darkness….

We stayed at the Maraetai Lodge, a leftover facility from the dam building days when Mangakino hosted thousands of worker who build the chain of dams and power station down the mighty Waikato river. Now a backpackers type hostel we made it into a home away from home with lots of home cooking. Kathy, the lodge manager, was very helpful and made our stay of 8 days as pleasant as possible.

The work was potentially dangerous with lots of contractors on site, and large pieces of machinery being dismantled and often being handled at height. It was necessary to work in with other contractors esp the Riggers, and there was a huge onus on Health and Safety procedures, this being the first major shut since the new Health and Safety Act came into force. and this being the first major shut since the new Health and Safety Act came into force there was a huge focus on Health and Safety procedures. The weather was cold and often wet adding to need to be even more careful. All our staff returned home safe and well!

All in all this was a very successful shut, we delivered what we promised as well as completing the task in hand within the time allocated to us. We look forward to assisting OJI over the next three years, ensuring that we give them our very best service and going that extra mile.

Mark Delport often says “we go the extra mile” and this video proves it.  Lucky he is so small!

click here to see a video of how Captain Mark leads by example!


Sept Shut at Kinleith

A RRR team was invited back to Kinleith in Sept to work on roll grinders. This proved to be a nice inside job working on hydraulics for a roller complex. During this week we had the unseasonable “Southerly Buster” coming up the country that closed the Desert Road and dropped snow round Taihape. Our guys were inside, warm and snug using our team’s skills to the max. There were some happy faces!

This time we were working for Marc Roolvink of OJI and he said: “RRR’s work during our recent shut down was fast, efficient, and of the highest quality. The new repair techniques that they had in their toolbox saved us thousands in equipment removal and transportation as the repairs could be conducted in situ. We will definitely use them again!”
Dismantling hydraulic rollerHere is one of our team dismantling hydraulic components



Metal Spraying - our speciality

Recently we were asked to restore a very large shaft from a Power Station. As you can see from the video link above, it is big. Our team built up the shaft by metal spraying with Inconel 69 and it was then machined back to the original spec, saving the client tens of thousands of dollars in potential replacement costs.

click here to see the video 

More big stuff

Pulp and Paper Mill ChipperHere one of the team is working on a large chipper from a Pulp and Paper Mill. This chipper spins at high speed reducing logs to chips. However the blades are worn out periodically and need replacing, and the seats for the blades need to be rebuilt and machined to original condition. Repair, Rework and Reburbish, the Three R’s of the engineering world!

Large Roller

Recently we were asked to manufacture a large roller for Power station. As you can see from the pic, it is big. Our skilled machinists tackled this job with our mighty Zayer mill which has a bed just under 4.0m in length.

Hotshots Gym Equipment Aesthetics

Gym Equipment Press MetalsprayedHere's some sports equipment we finish off for Hotshots of Napier, its outside Gym Equipment for public spaces, all the rage in parks and beaches  to enhance the use of recreational areas.   

like the finish metal spraying gives to some of the components.   The rest of the press is hot dipped galvanized and   the matt finish of the metal spray nicely complements the shiny zinc…

If you would like to see some other examples of such finishes go to our website 

Thanks to Brent of Gymguru  for the pic